Oprah's The Life You Want Weekend 2014 Tour

Oprah creates and leads an all-new weekend experience, an unprecedented arena tour that will engage, encourage, and empower. Not only will you see the possibilities of a new life—the life you want—you’ll leave transformed and ready to take charge and make it happen.


  • “Most awesome experience of my life!” – Nicole
  • “It was an Omazing event! A life-changing investment!” – Cassandra
  • “Oprah, thank YOU! I can honestly that #LifeYouWantATL changed the course of my life. Powerful!” – Xan
  • “Still basking in the glow from #LifeYouWantATL.” – April
  • “Simply Amazing! I will never be the same!!!” – Shani
  • “This is SUCH a powerful movement.” – Ty’ara
  • “The best event of my entire life! I’m forever grateful for the experience.” –Shannon

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